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We believe in the power of beautiful outdoor spaces to bring joy, happiness, and healing.  Our home, the Comox Valley, is incredibly special and affords us a wide opportunity of plant life with which to work.

However the climate that makes the Comox Valley so special, also means that constant maintenance is required to keep your gardens in top notch condition.  We are able to come up with a gardening plan tailored to your vision, needs, and budget to ensure you can enjoy the amazing opportunity living in the Comox Valley affords from a gardening perspective.

We provide gardening services to both commercial and residential clients throughout the Comox Valley, primarily in the communities of Royston, Cumberland, Comox, Courtney, Seal Bay, and surrounding areas.


*Please note that our focus and specialty is gardening.  We do not provide lawn maintenance, hardscape (patio / retaining wall installation), irrigation, or water feature (i.e. pond) management at this time.  However we do have a strong partner network, and are happy to provide referrals to other specialists if you would like us to take part in a larger landscaping project at your property that goes beyond just gardens.

Fern Leaves

Initial Estimate

Contact us to discover your gardening options

Please call us at 250-339-2583 or use the contact form available on our webpage.  We will work with you to determine which of our services best suits your needs and schedule any follow-up conversations or visits.

Garden Design & Consultation

Envision a bespoke plan for your property

A professional gardener will work with you to create an in-depth review of your current garden including location, sun/shade considerations, mulch options, plant selection, water planning, pest control, etc.  With this information we will work with you to create a custom plan for your gardens.


This service starts with a 1hr paid consultation and we will then confirm if further hours are required to complete the plan.  Once your gardening plan is made, you can choose to create and manage your gardens yourself, or have our team assist with any install and maintenance work that you desire.

Garden Install & Makeover

Create beautiful, positive, and healing outdoor spaces

If you are looking to create a new garden space on your property, or revitalize a current one, our projects team is available to design, plan, and install your garden.  Or we are able to take a current plan developed by yourself or another garden designer and bring the muscle required to turn it into reality.

We will do all the removal, prep, and install work required to create your gardening vision including edging, mulch, rock features and more.  While we focus only on the gardening aspect, we have a strong partner network and will be able to refer you to other professionals where required in the project including lawn installation, irrigation hardscapes, and more.

Garden Clean-Up & Maintenance

Help your garden thrive

Gardens in the Comox Valley require constant care and maintenance to look and be their best.  Effective garden maintenance requires skill and experience, leveraging local horticultural knowledge.  Our goal is to build a garden maintenance plan with a team available for support as many times in a given year as you feel is necessary.

Call us for an initial estimate and one of our professional gardeners will generate a quote for either one-time or on-going maintenance services.  We are also able to work within a set maximum budget, providing peace of mind and predictability to your project or monthly gardening costs.

Hedge, Shrub, Ornamental & Fruit Tree Pruning and Management

Supporting health and vigor for your shrubs and trees

Hedges, shrubs, and trees are able to provide both beauty, function, and even food to your garden.  However they require specialized knowledge and care in order to keep them at their most healthy and happy.  Emerald cedar and laurel hedges, apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees, detailed pruning of topiary's - we have experience! 

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